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Associate Degrees

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3 years

Bachelor's Degrees

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Master's Degrees

Doctorate Degrees
3-4 years

Doctorate Degrees


Suldaan Nayruus

“Jaamacadda Dowladda iyo Dhaqaalaha, waa mid loo baahanaa, oo ku soo aadday xilligii loo baahnaa, ayna wadaan aqoonyahankii loo baahnaa. Waxa akademiyad qeyb libaax ka qaadan doonta kobaca garaadka bulshada iyo horumarka dalka.” – Qoraa Suldaan Nayruus

Muqdishu, Soomaaliya

Audun Hjertager

Audun Hjertager

I first met Abdijabaaar Sh. Ahmed, CEO and founder of UNIGOVEC in his youth, and was stunned by his intellectual capacity. He truly loves the Somali people, and with UNIGOVEC, he has found his way to honour his roots, and create an ingenious learning portal for knowledge-seeking Somalis.

Marine biologist, Head engineer Institute of marine research, Norway

Abdirasaaq Hassan

UNIGOVEC – Jaamacadda Dowladda iyo Dhaqaalaha waxaa loo dhisay qaab ay ku dhisan tahay aqoon waayo-aragnimo leh. Waxayna soo baxday wakhti aad loogu baahnaa in la helo nidaam waxbarasho oo noocaan ah, waana guul usoo hoyatay ummada Soomaaliyeed. – Xildhibaan Cabdirisaaq

MP, Stange, Norway

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We make sure that we have the quality education to our world community. The journey starts where the learning is now, and ends where the learner is more successful.

Become an Instructor?

A lot of students are wanting; eager to learn and we are here to help you make it happen. We have multiple formats you can use to create your own course.

We have an accessible faculty dedicated to teaching, a commitment to the public policy and economics, and an educational model that encourages real-world experiences.

The University of Government and Economics

Your degree is the passport to the future

What makes us different?

No nation can develop and prosper socially, economically, and culturally unless, its people are educated and value oriented.

It is therefore our vision is to create a better world for generations, transformative impact on society through continual innovation in public policy, research, economics, and entrepreneurship so people can live in safer and more justice.

At The University of Government and Economics, our main goal is to educate exceptional public leaders and generate ideas that help solve public problems. Through our rigorous educational programs and cutting edge research initiatives, we seek to influence and improve governance, economics policy and the development of effective public policy at all levels.


We have total more than 80 degree and multiple course certifications.


Countries represented by over 1,500 Students.


Studies show that over 70% of the Somali people are less than 30 years old. That shows UNIGOVEC has an opportunity to improve public policy, economics and leadership so people can live in societies that are more safe, just and sustainably prosperous.


The university employment policies plays and important role to the community


Students receive financial aid and selected via entrance test.


After graduation, 30% we help our students to get a job through training & development programs.

Join us now for a bright future

We wish you greatness as you choose to discover your destiny at The University of Government and Economics

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