Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Economics

Economics is about how society deals with limited resources such as natural resources, labour, and technology. It describes how resources are used and how they can be distributed to satisfy human needs. Economics is an influential social science that explores human behaviour and decision-making, with a focus on the roles played by incentives, resource constraints, laws, customs, and institutions. When you study the Bachelor of Economics at UNIGOVEC. 

When you study the Bachelor of Economics at UNIGOVEC, you’ll explore how the decisions of institutions and individuals interact to determine outcomes for the economy and society.

As a graduate of economics, your distinct insights can be applied broadly. Through this degree, you’ll gain highly transferable analytical skills that are valuable in a diverse range of careers. In addition to more traditional economic issues like unemployment, taxation, and trade policy, economics allows you to understand and address human challenges like inequality, climate change, corruption, political polarisation, and impediments to education and health care.

Key features

Learning how to change the world

You’ll explore and find solutions to the important issues of our time. Economics uncovers the forces behind global inequality and the drivers of international relations. It explores policymaking and regulation, inflation, property rights, labour markets, our interaction with the environment, firm organisation and competition, and strategic interaction.

Industry and government

UNIGOVEC Economics graduates are keenly sought after by policymakers at all levels of Somali government, private sector employers, not-for-profits, and international organisations. They work in diverse careers as analysts, researchers, forecasters, journalists, and advisors.

Programme components

A bachelor’s degree requires three year of studies (180) and the students are offered a possibility to combine different courses.

Study information


16 Jan 2023 Campus
17 Feb 2023 Online Studies
19 Oct 2023 Online Studies
11 Jan 2023 Online Studies
15 Mar 2023 Online Studies
Place of Study:Mogadishu Campus or Online Studies
Application Deadline:Continuous recording. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.
Duration::3 year full-time (campus and online studies)
4 years part-time (online studies only)
Degree::Bachelor Degree (Professional Degree)


Abdijabaar Sh. Ahmed

Program leader and subject instructor

Ahmed Shiraac

Subject instructor

Mohamed Aden

Subject instructor

Rooda Mohamed

Subject instructor

 Job positions for Economics Major

Bachelor of Economics is a great study choice in the increasingly connected modern world. A degree in Economics opens up many different employment opportunities. However, because the subject is so broad, some of the jobs you could earn may require further, more specialized education. The common jobs for Bachelor of Economics are:

  1. Financial Risk Analyst
  2. Marketing and Sales Manager
  3. Business Operations Specialist
  4. International Sales Representative
  5. Foreign Exchange
  6. Economist
  7. Data analyst
  8. Financial planner
  9. Accountant
  10. Economic researcher
  11. Financial consultant
  12. Investment analyst

Work placement or study option: Between your second and final year, you’ll have the option to study or do a work placement for up to one semester. Not only will this give you an amazing experience to talk about but will also give your CV a boost. If you’d rather go straight to your final year, that’s absolutely fine too.

Entry Requirements:

Document Requirements:

  • You will be required to submit the following documentation with your application as proof you meet the entry requirements of this bachelor’s degree programme. If you have not yet completed your current secondary school, then you can still apply and you can provide your High School Certificate at a later date.

Your Secondary’s or University Certificate and Transcript:

  • Upload your secondary school’s certificate or university’s certificate and a full transcript showing all the subjects you studied and the marks you have achieved in your high school (s) (original) or university if you are planning to earn double bachelor degree.

Personal Statement:

  • A photo passport and a detailed personal statement explaining your motivation for this particular bachelor’s degree programme.

You can apply and upload documents here


Application Fees: $50

Tuition fee per semester: $300

The University of Government and Economics is specialized university for public policy and economics. The University’s goal is to improve public policy, economics and leadership so people can live in societies that are more safe, just and sustainably prosperous.

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