Bachelor of Public Policy

Bachelor in Public Policy

The Bachelor of Public Policy equips you with a comprehensive understanding of Somali public policies and related international policies. This Public Policy degree program is training tools for upcoming students interested in working as problem-solvers in the public administration field. As you read through this guide, you can learn more about what is involved in this degree program, as well as what you can pursue after completing your degree. Professionals may be called upon to review current policies and procedures to ensure that organizations are taking the right steps to improving the purposes they operate for.

Are you seeking a dynamic career in politics, the public service, advocacy organisations, not-for-profit social and community services or private industry?

This well-regarded education experience includes the Applied Policy Project, in which you will be engaged in an intensive student-led investigation of a policy issue or controversy relevant to your interests. You may also have the opportunity to attend the Internships Program as journalist or any other field in public policies.

Our program is designed to develop the skills and knowledge you need to gather and analysis a range of economic, demographic and social, to evaluate public policies and programs, and to participate in policy design, advocacy and communication.

Students will be able to:

1. Apply social science methods and policy analysis to practical problems of government, communities, regions, and/or global issues.

2. Demonstrate understanding of differences in political systems and the contexts in which public policy operates.

3. Apply concepts and theories used in the study of public policy; apply a range of research methods to the investigation of public policy.

4. Gather, analysis, and interpret economic data, social data, and statistics related to Somali public policies; and communicate and debate both orally and in writing, and work with others, using a variety of media.

5. Demonstrate the ability to apply oral and written communication skills in public appearances, written reports and documents.

6. Follow ethical principles for citing sources, using human subjects, serving the public, and working with colleagues.

7. Develop critical thinking about public policy issues and the ability to conduct professional analyses of social, political, and economic structures and bureaucratic processes.

 Job positions for Bachelor of Public Policy major

Bachelor of Public Policy is a great study choice in the increasingly connected modern world. Graduates my find work in the private and public sectors including banking, finance, politics, journalism, international affairs, diplomatic services, national and international law firms, non-government and non-profit organisations, academia, government and many other fields.

Study information

start:15  September 2023 – campus
10 October 2023 – online studies
15 January 2024 – online studies
10 March 20224- online studies.
Place of Study:Mogadishu, and Online Studies
Application Deadline:Continuous recording. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.
Duration::3 years full-time (campus and online studies)
4 years part-time (online studies only)
Degree::Bachelor Degree (Professional Degree)


Abdijabaar Sh. Ahmed

Program Leader and Course Instructor

Ahmed Shirac

Subject Instructor

Foad Warsame

Subject Instructor

Rooda Mohamed

Subject Instructor

Jibril Mohamed

Subject Instructor

Wafa Wardah

Course Advisor and Graduation Policy.

Hassan Garaad

Tel: 6101 71010
Admissions Officer

Work placement or study option: Between your second and final year, you’ll have the option to study abroad or do a work placement for up to one semester. Not only will this give you an amazing experience to talk about but will also give your CV a boost. If you’d rather go straight to your final year, that’s absolutely fine too.

Entry Requirements:

Document Requirements:

  • You will be required to submit the following documentation with your application as proof you meet the entry requirements of this bachelor’s degree programme. If you have not yet completed your current secondary school, then you can still apply and you can provide your High School Certificate at a later date.

Your Secondary’s or University Certificate and Transcript:

  • Upload your secondary school’s certificate or university’s certificate and a full transcript showing all the subjects you studied and the marks you have achieved in your high school (s) (original) or university if you are planning to earn double bachelor degree.

Personal Statement:

  • A photo passport and a detailed personal statement explaining your motivation for this particular bachelor’s degree programme.

You can apply and upload documents here


Application Fees: $50

Tuition fee per semester: $300

The University of Government and Economics is specialized university for public policy and economics. The University’s goal is to improve public policy, economics and leadership so people can live in societies that are more safe, just and sustainably prosperous.

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