Departments of Economics, Innovation & Management

Bachelor Degree programmes

The 3-year Bachelor of International Business Management programme is intended for young candidates who are looking for a career in business and management in today’s global commercial context. 

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program can prepare students for careers in operations, sales management, healthcare administration, marketing, or among others.

When you study the Bachelor of Economics at UNIGOVEC, you’ll explore how the decisions of institutions and individuals interact to determine outcomes for the economy and society.

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance is a three-year undergraduate course that offers in-depth knowledge in accounting and financial subjects by different means such as classroom teachings, seminars, projects, practical training, etc.

Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship enables graduates to think globally and laterally, armed with the tools and networks to dream big and incite change. Your education, training and qualifications will empower you to develop your entrepreneurial ideas in the arts and humanities into successful new ventures.

The Banking and Finance programme provides the students with the essentials of banking and financial knowledge. The objective of the Banking and Finance program is to train students to a level reflective of international standards required of a banking and finance professional and reflective of the needs of the industry in a globalised banking and finance environment.

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